• Key Ongoing Projects
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Our total orders under execution as on March 31, 2014 is 55682.8 million.

Sl. No. Project in Hand Name of the Client
1 400KV Bareilly-Kashipur TL Pkg 214-TW03) PGCIL
2 400KV Kashipur-Roorkee TL Pkg 214-TW04) PGCIL
3 765KV D/C Dharamjaygarh-Jabalpur (Part I) PGCIL
4 765KV D/C Dharamjaygarh-Jabalpur (Part II) PGCIL
5 400KV D/C (Quad) Kishenganj to Patna TL(Part I) PGCIL
6 400KV D/C (Quad) Kishenganj to Patna TL(Part II) PGCIL
7 765kV D/C TutocorinTransmission Line (part-I) PGCIL
8 765kV D/C TutocorinTransmission Line (part-II)  PGCIL
9 400KV D/C (Quad) Kishenganj to Patna TL(Part I)  PGCIL
10  400KV D/C (Quad) Kishenganj to Patna TL(Part II)  PGCIL
11  400 KV D/C (Quad) Krisnpatnam TPP- Bonapally TL APTRANSCO
12 400 KV D/C (Quad) Bonapally - Chittoor TL APTRANSCO
13 Supply & Erection of 400 kv D/C Line from 400 KV jejuri Stub to proposed 400 KV Hinjewadi S/Stn MSETCL
14 400kV DC Transmission Line from Nunna to Jujjuru and LILO of Kalapaka - Khammam to Asupaka Sub-station APTRANSCO
15 400 KV Quad DC Transmission Line from Chinnakorukondi to Suryapet SS APTRANSCO
16 400 KV Quad DC Transmission Line from Suryapet SS to Nandiwanaparthi APTRANSCO
17 400KV Quad DC Transmission Line fron Kalpaka to Garibadi APTRANSCO
18  Supply & Construction of 765/400 KV Vadodara GIS Substation (New)  PGCIL/NHVS
19  Supply & Construction of 765/400 KV Padghe GIS Substation (Existing)  PGCIL/NHVS
20 400kV Salem Pooling Subststaion  PGCIL
21  Supply & Erection of 400/220 KV Chaibasa (New) S/Stn  PGCIL
22  Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning 132KV Mathabhanga GI Substation  WBSETCL
23  Supply & Erection of Nazirpur 132KV GI Substation and associated PLCC works on turnkey basis  WBSETCL
24  Supply & Erection of existing 33/11KV Indoor Substation and renovation of S/S at English Bazar Town  WBSEDCL
25  Supply and Erection of 33/11KV Indoor Substation and Renovation of S/S at Midnapore  WBSEDCL
26  Supply & Erection of existing 33/11KV Substations in WB   WBSEB
27  132KVBay at Luangmual Substation and TL at Aizwal  SIPMIU
28  Sub transmission & sub- station in Nasik Zone MSEDCL
29 66/11 kv, 33/11kv Sub-transmission project for Cluster C1, C2 & C3 under R-APDRP scheme JKPDD
30 Railway Electrification, Vizianagaram to Singapur Road CORE
31 25KV 50 Hz AC Single Phase Electrification works CORE
32 Railway Electrification from Chaupan to Singrauli CORE